The Keys to Answering the 1 Peter 3:5-7 question.

So now that we have come face to face with a passage of Scripture that we are unsure how to apply to our lives, and we have not been shamed out of the room for questioning.  Now that we have taken the time to define our terms and become aware of our need of caution in interpreting the Bible we can go on to the guidelines we need to use as we seek to answer the question of whether 1 Peter 3:5-7 still applies to us today.  Listen carefully and study hard  to show yourselves approved workers who need not be ashamed, but who rightly handle the Word of God.


Important First Steps

Often when we are faced with a serious question we are tempted to just forget it and go on to the next distraction in our lives, or to jump on the first easy answer, or to charge forward tearing Bible verses out of context and setting them against each other.  But God would have us to love Him with all our minds, and to be patient and self-controlled in the pursuit of truth, and one of the most important things to do at the outset of an inquiry is to define our terms.  The two key terms to define in this question are “Custom” and “Principle”, in this video R.C. helps us with some clear definitions.

But we must never forget that proverb, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  So we would be wise to head this word of caution also.

The Foundational Issue with the 1 Peter 3:5-7 question

The question as to whether or not a passage of Scripture still applies to us today, or how it applies to us today, is one of the most important questions for the student of Scripture to learn to answer.  In this video R.C. starts us at the beginning of the issue: Transcultural communication.

Of course in theory it would seem that it is easy to tell what God expects of us from His word.  However, this quick illustration may help us to remember how confusing the issue can be.

Further into the 1st Peter 3 question

What Christian doesn’t want to grow up in their faith, to become more like Jesus?  Of course as with any growth it takes time, and often includes “growing pains”.  But is there a way to grow quickly and with less pain?  Is their a short cut to our sanctification, our being conformed to Christlikeness?  While there may be no quick and easy way to become more like Jesus, there is a more focused and intentional way, and sometimes if we are intentional about our pain it makes it more bearable.

As was mentioned, once we have those places in the Bible that we find “Hard” for one reason or another, we need to go back and study them to make sure we are understanding them correctly.  To aid us in our interpretation of scripture I have this video for you to watch:

“Does 1 Peter 3:5-7 still apply to us today?”

This question came up this last Wednesday and all but derailed our practice.   At first glance some might say that is a bad thing.  However, I have believed from the beginning of this year that if any of the students began to think on, and understand the words they are memorizing they would begin to ask important questions not only about the Bible but more importantly about themselves.

As we cover this question I will be linking some short videos from teachers I have learned much from.  These first videos feature R.C. Sproul and begin the discussion at the beginning, how do we interpret the Bible.  For we cannot correctly apply what the Bible has to say to us if we do not correctly understand what it is that God is saying to us.

Again, hard questions have hard answers.  But if you really are interested in the truth, I trust you will follow through these posts to the end.

This is just the beginning of the answer, hang on through the rest of the posts to get to the final answer of whether or not 1 Peter 3:5-7 still apply to us today.

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