The Secret to Breaking into the Top 10

The secret to breaking into the top 10 teams in one word is INTERRUPTION.  That is why breaking into the top 10 is so hard, interrupting a question seems impossible, but if we as a team want to go to the next level it is what we must do.  So let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals:

  1. Be Confident– You can not play your best if you are frustrated, scared, or angry, and the best way to play with confidence and a light heart is to know your material.  You don’t necessarily have to have every verse in a chapter memorized, but you do have to be confident with the material that you do know.  The way that the quiz is set up it is imperative that you not only know the words of your material but also the coordinates of that material.  Of course with the variety of books that we are quizzing in and the fact that some books have more questions asked from than others along with being confident you must also…
  2. Be Ready and Alert–  Especially if you don’t have every verse in a chapter memorized or have been assigned a chapter that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of questions it is of the utmost importance to keep yourself in the game and be able to recognize when they are questioning on one of your verses.  Then, when you know they have just identified one of the verses that you know you know you must also…
  3. Be Fearless– So let’s take a moment to see where we are:  You may not know everything, but what you know you KNOW without question and you recognize that the question is being asked about one of those that you know!  Now comes the hardest part… you have to jump before the question is finished.  And the number one obstacle between you and beating the other quizzers is going to be your own fear of failure.  So to break into the top ten you must…
  4. Risk Errors– This is perhaps the hardest part to believe but in order to go to the next level you have to be willing to quiz out backwards.  It is just a fact that no baseball player hits home runs without striking out sometimes, no quarter back throws touchdowns without throwing interceptions, no basketball player makes 100% of their shots, and sometimes 0 errors means 0 answers, especially when both teams you are facing are ranked higher than your team.  In fact one of the least understood stats in Bible quizzing is the error stat in general.  All of the teams in the top 10 have at least 9 more errors than our team, eight of the top thirty-four quizzers have twenty errors or more, and only 10 of the top thirty-four quizzers have ten or fewer.  I have observed that among those top teams they get more than their fair share of errors, but they are errors not based on knowing material, but based on failed interruption attempts.  And since practice makes perfect, the more you try interrupting questions the better you get and your individual errors drop.  But in the beginning more than likely your individual errors will rise, and you will have to be willing to increase your errors if you want to help bring the team into the top ten.

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