Can I Trust The New Testament Text? Part 1

When you first run across a verse that is “missing” in the Bible, and in a Gospel at that, it is natural for you to begin to wonder if you can trust the translation of the Bible that you have leaned on for so many years.  And never forget that we have an adversary who will encourage doubts over God’s word any time he gets the chance.  Yet, too often when we begin to wrestle with these doubts, instead of being coached in how to win the battle we are attacked by “the faithful” for ever doubting in the first place.  But we should never fear the Truth.  We should search for it, discover it, test it, trust it, love it, embrace it, share it, and defend it.

Of course, as I have said before, “tough questions require tough answers.”  But in order to help us tackle this topic I have divided an introductory talk about the subject down into manageable chunks for us to look at over this year.  I believe that all who take the time to watch these 5-8 minute videos throughout the year and work hard to understand what Dr. White is saying will benefit greatly.

The other thing to keep in mind is that statistics show that at least 50% of folks who attend youth group in a church when they live at home with their parents, drop out of church and eventually forsake the faith once they leave home.  Part of the problem is that they never heard the “hard arguments” of unbelievers, or the “hard answers” that bring to light all of the truth, and so being ill equipped they fall on the cultural battlefield.  Let the preparation begin!

View part 2


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