Post Game Press Release

Well, I just have to tell ya, yesterday was one very exciting day for me as a coach.  Our quiz team came in first in one of our six meets and a strong 2nd in the other 5.  Then, when the top ten teams were listed we found out that all of the teams that beat us were to be found in that top 10 out of 36 ranking!  So we may have been beaten, but we were beaten by the best teams out there, and that is not bad for a first showing.  Of course Monday the Bible Quizzing ministry will release all of the official rankings and we can give a more detailed accounting, for now I hope you can enjoy this short montage from Saturday.

Now we have four more weeks to push and press and prepare to match or best our first showing placement.  And one thing I am certain of is that we could do it with just one small adjustment.  Coach Andy is asking any parents who can to come on into practice on Wednesday evenings from 5:20-6:00.  If I had just two more sets of ears and eyes the 40 min. practice session would be a lot more productive.

Let me be clear about what I am asking of any parents that may be able to come to the Wed. practice sessions.  I will have an activity/challenge/game (A.C.G.) for the quizzers to participate in, and I will be dividing them up into teams.  There are eight quizzers so far for November’s quiz, so most of the time I will have them split into two teams of four.  After the A.C.G.  I would like to have as many quizzers as possible recite what verses they have been working on to a parent.  For this time I would like to have one parent/quizzer but I would like to mix and match quizzers to parents so that on Wed. practice they will be reciting to someone other than their parent.  This will help them to be able to recite in front of various quizmasters.  It’s a lot easier to show than tell exactly how I want you to mark the quizzer’s portion so that I can tell at a glance how they are doing on their assigned sections, so if you can stick around for the 40 minutes after you drop off your teen there’s no telling how far the team may go.


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  1. Wow!

    – Coach Andy

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