Parents as Coaches

It may surprise you to find out that the chiefs have around 17 coaches on their payroll.  Of course at the top of the list is the head coach Todd Haley, followed by the assistant head coach Maurice Carthon, they then are followed by 15 others who are rarely mentioned in the press.  Just imagine how much worse the Chiefs would be with only two coaches.  No, every football team needs not only a head coach, and assistant head coach, but also an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, a special teams coach, etc.  Every player on the team not only needs to follow the head coach’s plan, but part of executing that plan is how they have been taught and trained under one of the other coaches.

Teen Bible Quiz is very similar to football in that respect.  Rachel Beth is the head coach, and Andy Schwilling is the assistant head coach, and every parent or grandparent of a quizzer on the team is like their strength and conditioning coach.  Of course one of the best kept secrets out there is how simple the role of the TBQ strength and conditioning coach is.  You simply have to listen to your quizzer quote the verses they have been assigned two or three times a week, not counting the weekly practices they will be going to.

Of course this means you will be encouraging your quizzer to be working on their assigned verses in between the times you will be helping them.  This also means that you will be able to help them in the memory technique that works best for them, singing, hand motions, etc.  And you are in the best position to know which technique works best due to the large amounts of time that you spend with them every day.

We look forward to working with you in training up these young quizzers to become so familiar with the inspired word of God that they grow in their love and respect for this holy, gracious, and triune God.


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