Bible Quiz Final 2011

Short Video of Highlights to remember the season by, and introduce Bible Quizzing to those who don’t know what it is.



A Clouded Perspective

Until we are glorified we will continue to be shocked by God’s severity.

After we are glorified we will continue to be shocked by God’s mercy.

However, it will not be God but we who have changed.

God has free will

All things are strengthened only by effort.

Too often our limitations are set by what is easy.  Bible Quiz is only one way that we are encouraging the teens in Paola to join the Rebelution and do hard things.

That being said, we would be interested to know how Bible Quiz has stretched each of you so far.

All humans are sinners at conception

More Than Just a Game – What Everyone Needs to Know

Bible Quiz is often seen as a mental game along the lines of chess, rarely it is even seen as a sport, but all too often that is where we stop with Bible Quiz.

Bible Quiz is more than just a game, it is more than just a sport.  Bible Quiz is an avenue of Christian discipleship that for some inexplicable reason is avoided by the vast majority of Christian youth, and the parents of those youth.

When I first looked into Bible Quizzing three years ago, I did so as a way to keep me as a Dad accountable to the discipleship of my teenage children.  Gone were the days of colorful children’s Bibles and the Cliff Notes stories, now I had to find a way to bridge the gap that exists between those booklets, Read with Me Bibles, Keys for Kids devotionals and actually reading, interpreting, and applying the Bible to their lives by themselves.  And one of the biggest issues is getting into the habit of regular Bible reading.

Another key to adult Christian discipleship is being able to recall what the Bible says without having the luxury of having it open in front of you.  You don’t necessarily have to be able to quote word perfectly but you do have to have a good idea of what and where the Bible says something.  However, so much Bible memorization is scattered throughout the Bible that we can often get the idea that the entire Bible is like the book of Proverbs, just a bunch of propositions, laws, statutes, promises, etc.  So part of our growing in the Christian faith is to begin to put the Bible back together by reading and becoming familiar with it one book/letter at a time.  This is something that some adult Christians never get around to.  Often what is expected and pushed is to read the entire Bible in one year.  Now I am all for reading the whole Bible through at least once every three to five years, but a lot of times we get lost in the rush of trying to get through the whole Bible on time, or we fall away because we come to a place where we can not possibly finish reading the whole thing in one year.  Then we are opened up to the attacks of our enemy with his darts of shame and failure, not to mention we remain ignorant of what the Bible actually says, and less likely to pick ourselves up and try again.

So as my teens were breaking into adulthood I was intent on leading them through the memorization of some of the most famous Bible passages so that they would be able to see them for themselves.  My eldest daughter and son would start with what is known as “the sermon on the mount”, and my youngest daughter would start with Proverbs 31.  At the beginning we did pretty good and for about three months we chipped away at the material before us.  But inevitably we would fall away, because with that kind of instruction at home my kids were able to rise to the top of their Sunday school classes to such an extent that their teachers didn’t mind if they skipped Sunday school altogether.  And no one else in the churches we were attending was trying to lead their kids in memorizing such large portions of Scripture, so I got complacent and lazy in my discipleship of my kids.  Soon we were not memorizing or even being familiar with sections of Scripture, but we were proud of how we had done.  Well, as we all know, life is not a sprint but a long distance race.  How you start any given endeavor is not as important as how you end it, and I had not ended well.  Thankfully my children’s youth was not yet over, so I still had a chance to get back up and make a run for the goal.

That is when I discovered Bible Quizzing, and that revolutionized the discipleship of my teens.  Now we are both held accountable, because if I am not helping them memorize and engage with the text of Scripture then they won’t have much success at the quiz meets.  Winning is a lot more fun than losing, so my teens are encouraged to push themselves to find their limits.  And it is a lot more natural and less forced for me to ask them how they are coming along with their assigned Scripture portion than to out of the blue tell them that they need to read the Bible for themselves.

Bible Quizzing has also helped me along my own personal discipleship journey since my teens inevitably have had questions about what a certain passage means, or why a certain verse was missing, etc… So I was faced with my own need to learn, and I search out the answers for my own.  And we teach best what we need to learn most.

So you see Bible Quiz is more than a game, it is a fun way to grow in our faith that focuses our attention on the Word of God.  The only words that have been breathed out by God and are therefore useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the people of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

In your own words: The Atonement of Christ is…

Some words get used as a form of short hand in theological discussions.  Every once and a while it is good for all parties involved to take a moment and define our terms.  One of the most important words in Biblical discussion is atonement in general but especially the atonement of Jesus Christ.  So how would you explain the atonement of Christ to a non-churched friend?  Something we should all think about at some time.

Just remember, even “I don’t know how to put it.” is a legitimate answer as long as it is the truth.

So take a deep breath, think for a moment and then click the button and leave an answer.